Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Creditea
Campaign: Creditea

In order to position Creditea as a familiar brand that aims to help its clients fulfill their dreams, take advantage of opportunities and face the financial needs that may arise on a day-to-day basis, we developed a campaign under the tag line “When life asks for it, Creditea ”.

In a humorous tone, the campaign shows different situations in which Creditea can be a solution for people. To do this we create a new verb,  “CREDITEA” (ask for a loan) , which is combined in very different ways to give meaning to the brand.

The campaign will be carried out throughout 2020 on television, the internet and radio. To this end we have created 4 spots of 20″ and 10″ versions for television and 6″ for digital.

Technical sheet:

Agencia: Darwin Social Noise

Anunciante: Creditea

Sector: Fintech

Presidente creativo: Carlos Sanz de Andino

Consejero delegado: Nacho Huidobro

Cuentas: Soraya Zamorano, Cristina García y Ana Fons

Equipo creativo: Kiko Martínez y Raquel Millán

Producer agencia: María Jiménez y Andrea Rosenschein

Realizador: Guust Mulder

Productora: Be Sweet Films

Productor ejecutivo: Juan San Román y Álvaro Olalquiaga