Universal Pictures. Pitch Perfect

Client: Universal Pictures México
Campaign: Pitch Perfect 2 release
Year: 2015

The first Pitch Perfect movie was released in 2012 and it immediately became a global phenomenon, raising almost $150 million dollars worldwide and spawning a following that went beyond the movie screen.

Fans of the movie started covering the famous cup song from the movie, generating thousands of shares and views, as well as creating hundreds of videos of them playing it.

August 2015 marked the release of the long awaited sequel: Pitch Perfect 2. To capitalize on the success of the first movie, Universal Pictures and Social Noise worked together to spread the movie trailer on social media.

This is how we decided we would give all the fans of the movie in Mexico a different experience and started looking for:

#LaNotaMásPerfecta (#ThePerfectPitch)

What better way to do this than to make our fans feel the excitement of singing a capella like the Bellas themselves and have a large audience be the judges of their talent?

We created a contest that required fans to participate in a digital casting. They would need to upload a video, using the hashtag #LaNotaMásPerfecta, of them singing a capella part of the Flashlight song (which was part of the movie soundtrack).

To achieve this, we collaborated with Mario Bautista, singer and youtuber that amplified our message in his social media accounts.

The campaign generated over 38 million impacts, generating over 139 thousand interactions in social media. The movie’s Facebook community increased by 92% and maintained an average engagement rate, oscillating from 1 to 3 points. In Twitter we created a community from the ground up, which registered an engagement of 12, making it very active. The #LaNotaMásPefecta hashtag had 79,738 mentions, trending in Guadalajara.

We received a total of 321 videos from all over Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

When the winners of the contest were selected, Universal Pictures took them to record their own version of Flashlight in a professional studio, with Mario Bautista, in the true spirit of the Barden Bellas.

But the prize did not end there, for the winners were in the center stage of the movie premiere when we showed their music video, alongside Bautista.

This way we allowed the Pitch Perfect 2 fans to become part of the movie’s release, making noise on social media through their talent.