Universal Pictures. Gloria

Client: Universal Pictures México
Campaign: Digital launch of Gloria, The Film
Year : 2015

Universal Pictures is one of the most important film distributors in the world. For 2015, the company was faced with a major challenge in Latin America: to launch the film about Gloria Trevi, one of the most influential (and controversial) Mexican icons from the 1990s.

Social Noise Mexico came up with a digital strategy based around 5 types of social media content (for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube):

1. Verses: Classic Gloria Trevi verses were used to connect with fans and users interested in learning more about the singer.

2. Promotions: Promotions using user-generated content were introduced to reel fans in with raffles for posters and film props.

3. Extra Information: Interesting facts were given about the film – such as how long filming took, how the actors prepared for their roles, the Gloria songs used in the film, etc.

4. Coverage: We covered the events (the pre-release and opening night), spreading the information about Gloria through our digital channels, thus keeping the online community informed and active.

5. Glorious Stories: Stories were told on celebrities who had to overcome major challenges on their path to stardom, just like Gloria.


The results were positive: the average engagement rate for the community during 5 weeks was over 7%.

As to each one of the content types, they were optimised depending on how the community responded to them on each of the platforms. The most engagement on Facebook was brought about by the verses we posted, whereas on Twitter it was the extra information.

In term of the box office, this effort materialised in over 800,000 tickets sold for Gloria throughout the country.