Sanitas. The new meaning of close.

Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Sanitas
Campaign: "Close"

The complicated situation experienced due to the COVID-19 crisis has made many things change. One of them, the meaning of the word “close”. This is the concept behind the campaign that we have developed for Sanitas with the aim of promoting and enhancing its video consultation service. A task that is developed in digital, Spotify and social networks.

‘Close is not shaking hands, it is being in good hands… The world has changed forever and so has our relationship with health,’ the campaign says.

The world has changed forever.

Thank goodness we provide consultations at home,

with everything that entails.

The action highlights that thanks to video consultation, physical distance is not a problem: you can be close to your doctor without having to leave home. A service that thousands of people have used and are using every day, especially since the start of the pandemic. This situation has shown the important value of this service, both for individuals and for companies. 

During the first weeks of the COVID-19 crisis, Sanitas focused all its efforts on saving lives and caring for its patients, reorganising its hospitals and residential homes, as well as offering free video consultations to all of its clients. Before COVID-19, Sanitas was carrying out between 200 – 300 video consultations a day, it’s now conducting around 5,000 on a daily basis. Sanitas has a medical staff made up of more than 2,700 professionals in all specialities, including general and paediatric emergencies.

The campaign, launched on 11 May 2020, consists of a 45″ video, several 20″ modules for individuals and businesses, an advert on Spotify, advertisements for social networks, display advertising, landing pages to attract new clients and correspondence sent to clients and mediators.


Campaign details:

Agency: Darwin Social Noise

Advertiser: Sanitas

Product: Seguros de salud

Client: Luisa Escribano, Marina Rosas, Alejandra Carriedo y Gema García.

Creative President: Carlos Sanz de Andino

Managing Director: Alberto Martínez

Account Manager: Javier Alejandre

Account Executives: Soraya Zamorano, Ana Fons, Miguel Lamas y Javier de Prada

Executive Creative Director: Óscar Moreno

Creative Team: Alicia Vilches, Pablo Mendoza, Raquel Millán y Francisco Martínez

Design team: Iago Álvarez, Lucía Rodríguez y Mar Roca

Audiovisual Production Director: María Jiménez

Chief Technology Officer:  Óscar Cordero

Tittle: “El nuevo significado de cerca