Sanitas. Spot the difference

Advertiser: Sanitas
Campaign: Sanitas marca la diferencia
Year: 2018

For years we have been working with Sanitas to support their campaigns in attracting new clients with communication pieces that facilitate sales.

This year Sanitas asked us for something different, which would serve to communicate, explain and put into value the new promotion in a notorious and entertaining way, digitally. With this in mind, to make the message much more captivating for potential customers, we created a small game in which the advantages of using Sanitas are visually represented.

We’re proud to present, “Cazacoberturas”, a simple game in which you have to find the differences between two seemingly equal images.

Thus, in a more enjoyable and memorable way, we get new clients to discover all the services and coverages that they can enjoy with Sanitas. In addition, the game includes a link to access a landing page with all the details of the promotion and the digital benefits of Sanitas, for those who need more information.

Want to play? Click here.