Pibank. Mortgage Campaign

Advertiser: Pibank
Campaign: Mejor más fácil
Audiovisual Producer: Lobo Kane
Year: 2018

Following the success of Pibank’s launch campaign in September with the payroll account, in November 2018, we took the next step in the communications process: a campaign for the launch of mortages by Pibank, under the same creative concept: “Mejor más fácil” (Better, easier).

The spot, titled “Adosado (Duplex)” follows the same idea and narrative line of the whole campaign. The claim, “Mejor más fácil”, perfectly sums up Pibanks stratefy of launching simple products among the best in its segment.

Just like the spots of the payroll account, this spot was produced by Lobo Kane and directed by the filmaker Paco Caballero.