Parodontax. Absurd Problems

Client: Parodontax (GSK)
Campaign: Absurd Problems
Audiovisual producer: Visual Noise

53% of Spaniards suffer from bleeding gums—in other words, 1 out of every 2 people. Using the tagline “we see problems where they don’t exist and don’t see the problem right under our nose”, we launched the campaign “Absurd Problems” for Parodontax.

All too often, health care products are presented from an overly formal point of view that makes it hard for real users to engage with the brand. And if we examine the online presence of these kinds of products, we find it tends to be low-key and outdated.

Bearing these factors in mind, and with the goal of convincing more people to incorporate Parodontax into their daily dental health routine to treat and prevent bleeding gums, we came up with a bold, attention-grabbing campaign.


The main idea we wanted to convey, avoiding the drama often associated with bleeding gums, is that this condition is quite common, and yet many do not see it as a problem.

Therefore, in order to raise awareness about the importance of using a specific product to combat it, we invented three fictional characters that everyone could identify with. Through their personal experiences, narrated in a comical tone, we shared the importance of using Parodontax to solve the common problem of bleeding gums and making it part of our daily oral hygiene routine.

Because we all admit that our lives are full of #problemasabsurdos [#absurdproblems]… we invited users to have a laugh as they related to Mariano’s , Lola´s and Alberto´s problem.

We rounded out the campaign with a landing page where users could share their own absurd problems and win one of the 50 weekend getaways in our free prize draw to relax and forget about those daily nuisances.


309,000 people felt they could relate to the characters’ experiences, and nearly 6,000 of them decided to share their own absurd problems, those molehills we all senselessly make into mountains.

In short, “Absurd Problems” showed us there’s no need to drown in a glass of water—we just need to rinse with it after using Parodontax.