La nevera roja

Client: La nevera roja
Campaign: What have we got in the fridge?
Year: 2016

La Nevera Roja is a Spanish food company that was recently acquired by Food Panda in one of the most successful operations in the start-up market in Spain

We have been working with La Nevera Roja to launch the company in the mass media, analysing its position, the territory it will occupy, and we create the pieces to make it happen, always with “returns” as the mantra. Everyone knows what the result is. It was sold after a few months for nearly 80 million euros.

And that’s not all… our challenge was to work in the variety of restaurants and get away from fast food. At la Nevera Roja you can find EVERYTHING you want: Italian, Spanish, Chinese, on the cheaper or the more expensive side… we’ve got it all.


Is the key to the company’s success, the main objective is to get downloads, so that the product is on the consumer’s mobile phone, with them at all times.