Ikea. Christmas Story

Client: IKEA
Product: Christmas Catalogue
Campaign: Create your own Christmas Story, the Digital Christmas Campaign for IKEA
Year: 2013

For IKEA, the Christmas season is one of the most important times of the year. The goal was to announce the brand’s catalogue with a focus on Christmas products, highlighting how they could be customised, the new featured items and affordable gifts.

Social Noise endeavoured to create an emotional connection with consumers in order to motivate and attract customers by generating dialogue and prompting people to discover IKEA’s new products featured on the web.

Campaign description

With the concept “Crea Tu Cuento de Navidad” (Create Your Own Christmas Story), the many possibilities of the IKEA catalogue were explored, which allowed visitors to feel like kids again. They were invited to use their imaginations to turn everyday activities into moments full of magic, all the while being inspired by decoration ideas for the living room, the Christmas dinner table and for giving the most original gifts.

After an intense period of audiovisual and technological production, we launched the microsite www.creatucuentodenavidad.com, where everyone was invited to create their own Christmas story. Site visitors could also see details on IKEA products at any time and add items to a wish list linked to the IKEA website.

We also offered users the possibility of sending a personalised postcard by email with their favourite IKEA Christmas Story and even a letter to Santa with items from the catalogue. The stories could be shared on social media, as could each of the products shown on the microsite.

With brand engagement at the forefront and with the goals of driving traffic to the Christmas microsite and increasing sales on IKEA decorative products, RTB campaigns were launched that detected behavioural patterns with similarities to the microsite content, the letters to Santa and the wish lists. The amplification campaign was also launched on social media.