Ibercaja, “El banco del vamos”

Advertiser: Ibercaja
Campaign: “El banco del vamos”
Audiovisual producer: Darwin Social Noise
Year: 2018

Ibercaja is relying on us to start a new stage in their communications. Thus, we created a new commercial positioning of the financial institution under the slogan “El banco del vamos” (“The bank that goes with you”), in conjunction with the Ibercaja team. This new slogan is perfectly adapted to the new positioning. Why?

It is a fact that some of the most important decisions a person will make in their life are financial ones. The slogan “The bank that goes with you” reflects in a close dynamic way the different means at which Ibercaja wants to relate to its customers, renewing its commitment to accompany and advise its clients in making their financial decisions.

To publicize the new positioning, we’ve designed a multimedia communications campaign with a special focus on the digital arena. Furthermore, and in order to drive home the importance of this accompaniment by the bank, a special action was designed with the design of the word “come” handwritten using a combination of the handwriting of all the employees of the bank and some of its clients.

The communication campaign was led by our CEO, Nacho Huidobro, and our creative president Carlos Sanz De Andino, with Alejandro Saz as the account executive, and Alicia Vilches as the art director. As for Ibercaja, the team was lead by Nacho Torre Solá, the marketing director; Carmen Perez Gomez, the head of image and the comercial cycle; Antonio Saz Odriozola, the creative manager and Nuria Monje Lahoz, who is part of the image and comercial cycle department. The campaign was developed in the main televisión, radio and digital media channels during the months of September and October.