Ibercaja brings music and voice to shops

Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Ibercaja
Campaing: Ibercaja Comercios

In my bookstore / I miss those who can never decide between poetry and prose. /And I miss those who just come to browse / / Yes, I know I’m really good-looking but you know, ahem, you can buy something from me.”

To the rhythm of the ukulele, with a characteristic whistle and an upbeat tone, Ibercaja gives voice to local businesses at this time when they need it most. It does so through 3 songs converted into radio adverts representing 3 key business sectors in our neighbourhoods (hotels, florists and bookshops).

The current socio-economic context resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the temporary closure of numerous businesses and small shops throughout the country. To demonstrate its support and empathy in such a tough situation, Ibercaja has launched a campaign in which it offers a series of measures to help them get them back on their feet again.

This Business Support campaign, designed and implemented by Darwin Social Noise, is based on the premise that it’s the hardest times are when we need support the most. And for many, now is one of those moments. Under the umbrella of the slogan: “If our businesses miss us, let’s go to them“, Ibercaja shows that, now more than ever, it continues to support local businesses. A slogan in line with the positioning that our agency created for the bank in 2018 (El banco del vamos – The bank that goes with you).

And that spirit is what is conveyed in the rest of the musical compositions, which include phrases like: “In my restaurant/ I miss the diner who mops up all the sauce and leaves the plate sparkling” or “In my flower shop / I miss the customer who can never tell a lily from an orchid.”

The campaign also includes graphic pieces, a mini TV advert and a digital campaign (banners and social networks).


Agency: Darwin Social Noise

Client: Ibercaja

Campaign: Plan de Apoyo al Comercio

Client’s contact: Carmen Pérez, Antonio Saz y Alfonso Gracia

CEO: Nacho Huidobro

Account managers: Cristóbal Ramírez y María Hermida

Creative team: Óscar Moreno, Alicia Vilches, Pablo Mendoza, Gonzalo Calvo, Pablo Caraballo, Pablo Vecilla e Irati Rincón

Design: César Bertazzo

Producers (Agency): María Jiménez y Andrea Rosenschein (Visual Noise)

Postproduction: José Luis Mancilla (Visual Noise)

Media Agency: Mediterránea