I love you, Sport

Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Diario AS
Campaign: "I love you, Sport"

For the strategic and creative repositioning of Diario As, we launched the “I love you, Sport” campaign, the product of several months’ collaboration between our agency and our client’s teams.

“I love you, Sport” embodies a philosophy that is so much more than a simple communications concept, as a strategy that will affect all dimensions of the newspaper’s performance, including the editorial facet. Throughout 2020, the new concept of “I love you, Sport” will feed into features, interviews, and other story formats, which will be dotted throughout the newspaper, telling real stories of passion for sport. Because, ultimately, Diario As is a daily love letter to sport written by journalists, sporting professionals, and fans.

And fans are becoming increasingly important and involved, as the launch of the new positioning strategy coincides with Comscore’s confirmation that Diario As is the leading Spanish-language digital sports publication in Spain and the world.

Simultaneously, to mark the return of Spanish League football and other sporting competitions, after the cancellation of all sports fixtures as a result of COVID-19, Diario As is launching a campaign guided by its new positioning strategy.

The concept launch piece is a 1-minute video. The “Return of La Liga” campaign consists of several videos, graphic inserts, radio spots, and billboards.

Darwin Social Noise has been working with Diario As for 10 years.

Account Executive: Javier Alejandre

Account Members: Javier de Prada y Miguel Lamas

Executive Creative Director: Óscar Moreno

Creative team: Pablo Caraballo, Gonzalo Calvo (Creative supervisors) Miguel Ángel Mengs y Javier López.

Design Director: César Bertazzo

Designer: Iago Álvarez

Audiovisual Production Director (agency): María Jiménez

Edition (agency): José Luis Mancilla 

Production Company: 4 Gatos

Sound Studio: The Lobby

Title: “Deporte Te Amo”

Piece of Concept “Deporte, te amo”:  60” video

Campaign Pieces “Vuelve la Liga”:  24″ videos, graphics and display.