Four Roses. Your Peak Maturity

Client: Pernod Ricard
Product: Four Roses
Campaign: Reaching your peak of maturity
Audiovisual producer: Adhoc Films
Year: 2015

Social Noise launched a brand positioning campaign with Four Roses to redefine its target audience, giving the brand a stronger online presence with a message that would position them as leaders in the bourbon market.

With the slogan “Your Peak Maturity”, we distilled the unique properties of Four Roses and reached out to audiences in a campaign designed to trigger a thoughtful reflection on personal growth, evolution, and the advantages of a new, modern concept of maturity.

The campaign, comprising three teasers and one digital spot, revolved around a gathering of friends hosted by radio announcer Ángel Carmona, where the guests were David Moralejo, founder of Tapas magazine, and the bloggers and actors Nacho López and Rodrigo Taramona.

At this get-together, the four friends casually chat over a glass of bourbon about what it means to reach maturity, touching on topics like friendship, romantic relationships, increasing rapport with parents, health concerns, and lessons learned from past mistakes.

In these pieces produced by Social Noise and Adhoc Films, Four Roses used branded content to reflect its current consumers’ stage of life, associating the product with a moment of relaxed enjoyment and a mature lifestyle. Its bourbon became the pretext for engaging in pleasant conversation and conveying a different kind of message, with an emphasis on quality, comfort, and warmth.

To promote the spot, Four Roses also launched an engagement initiative by inviting its online community to share comments about the life lessons that have helped them reach “peak maturity” with the hashtag #hasMaduradoCuando [#You’reMatureWhen]. The best comments were posted on the brand’s Instagram account and their authors received a Four Roses gift pack.