Ferrovial. Revive Alcobendas

Client: Ferrovial Servicios, CI3, Amey and Ayuntamiento de Alcobendas
Campaign: Revive Project
Year : 2015

The Revive project is an international pilot initiative with the aim of giving a second life to objects from recycling centres, carried out by Ferrovial Servicios, Amey and the Centre for the Innovation of Smart Infrastructures (CI3).

This pilot project’s initiatives will unfold in two different locations in Spain and the United Kingdom: the Alcobendas City Recycling Centre (Punto Limpio) in the Community of Madrid and the Witchford Recycling Centre in Cambridgeshire County.

Social Noise was the creative agency chosen to conceptualise and execute the Revive initiative. It was responsible for the technical development of the web platform and for naming Revive and creating its brand identity, drawing up the strategic communications plan and disseminating specific content through both online and offline media.

The Revive service is now available through the website www.revivemarketplace.com and at the Recycling Centre in the city of Alcobendas. In order to make use of it, users simply have to register at the establishment itself or online, providing proof that they reside or work in Alcobendas.

In addition to registering online, users may also add products they wish to exchange, along with a description. They may also browse the catalogue of items available for reuse and place items they want on hold.

Revive is totally free of charge. Users have seven days to pick up an item they have reserved online.

And, every time a user drops off or picks up a reusable item, they will earn points that can be cashed in for two tickets to the Auditorio Ciudad de Alcobendas (Alcobendas City Auditorium) and entry into the thermal spa and swimming complex at the Valdelasfuentes sports centre. The better the objects that are brought in, the more points are earned.