Feedback. Your life destroyed live

Advertiser: Vaca Films
Campaign: Feedback
Audiovisual production: Vaca Films y Ombra Films
Distributor: eOne Spain


Your life destroyed live, is the concept on which Darwin Social Noise has built the launch campaign of ‘Feedback’, a thriller  sprinkled with terror, which tells the story of a successful radio announcer in London whose radio station gets taken over by armed men, who force him to reveal his past secrets during his live program that could destroy his life. Directed by Pedro C. Alonso, filmed in English, with production by Vaca Films and Ombra Films, starring Eddie Marsan, Paul Anderson and Ivana Baquero, and premiered in theaters on March 1, 2019.



Eddie Marsan plays Jervis, a famous presenter of a very popular late night radio show in the UK who will have to confront a sexual scandal live. Some masked kidnappers kidnap their studio to tell the whole truth without cutting the broadcast.


In line with the conflict of the film, the agency has devised a campaign that seeks to provoke the target audience with messages that are based on the premise that: “we all hide a secret”.

We all have secrets, maybe not as dark as the protagonist of Feedback, but we have them just the same. Pulling on this thread we developed our communication actions under the concept “Your life destroyed live”.



The first thing we created was the campaign landing page: wherein we displayed information and exclusive material from the film, and in which the masked people conducted surveys to the public about those hidden secrets. Those who participated had a chance of winning tickets for the premiere.

To direct traffic to the landing page, we created different digital pieces: brand days, social ads, banners and pieces for social networks, including a format that in our agency we call “videohacks”.


Of course, the radio played a fundamental role throughout the campaign and so we created segmented audio pieces in Spotify whose messages varied according to the musical genre that the user heard. We also launched a special action with La Vida Moderna, the most famous radio program among our target audience (Generation Z and Millenials) that is more than 90% consumed on digital platforms (YouTube and podcast)

With La Vida Moderna we made two programs. One teaser and another promotional one prior to the premiere that were placed in number 7 and 5 of YouTube’s trending list on the day of publication.

The message was varied according to the context of each medium. In the subway, we asked “Would you leave your mobile phone to your partner during the next two stops?”, and Spotify launched segmented statistics by musical genre (eg: “Three out of ten people who listen to the tram hide a secret that would destroy their lifetime”).

We also searched for branded content in the program La vida moderna, directed and presented by David Broncano and broadcast on Cadena Ser and YouTube. The entertainers of the program (Broncano, Quequé and Ignatius) played live with the concept of the campaign, which generated a ton of conversations on social networks, and hundreds of thousands of video views.

The campaign began in mid-February and consisted of advertising and content on social networks, banners, wedges segmented in Spotify, billboards and RTVE spots. All the digital pieces led to the campaign landing page (, from where we were able to analyze all the traffic, and study the origin of the visits.