Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge and the artistic avant-gardes

Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Cinco Jotas, Osborne Group
Campaign: Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge

What do artistic avant-gardes and haute cuisine have in common?  This question was posed with the creation of the digital dynamics of the Cinco Jotas brand to accompany one of its events, the holding of the prestigious competition for young chefs, the Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge, held at the Basque Culinary Center.

Darwin Social Noise came up with the idea of an Instagram campaign to vote on the favourite recipe among 5 chosen finalists. This vote was accompanied by a narrative and graphics which linked the creative process of a work of art with the preparation process of producing the masterpiece that is Cinco Jotas 100% acorn-fed, Ibérico ham.

Additionally, social media users were invited to discover which avant-garde artists (such as Jackson Pollock, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Kazimir Malevich and Mark Rothko) could be related to each of the finalists’ recipes from the Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge.

The IG grid and the Cinco Jotas Stories were permeated with this connection between art and haute cuisine throughout the whole Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge season.



3.8 million Social Media impressions

724,579 video reproductions on Social Media

81,186 interactions on social media

3,400 new fans in IG

Brand Manager: Juan Villanueva

Account Executives: Luis Artiles and Marina Pereyra

Creative Management: Bel Rodríguez

Content: Rodrigo García

Artwork: César Bertazzo and Berta López