Agency: Darwin Social Noise
Client: Cinco Jotas, Grupo Osborne
Campaign: Cinco Jotas Cooking Challenge

Illustration, inspiration and sustainability were combined for this digital action, managed by Darwin Social Noise for Cinco Jotas. We launched a dynamic on his Instagram profile in which users were asked what was their favorite element of the dehesas‘s biodiversity, a unique ecosystem in the world and directly linked to the origin and day-to-day life of Cinco Jotas. On Facebook we adapted this dynamic with the aim of achieving new leads through a landing.


Users responded with messages that were both evocative and creative, with the aim of being one of the two winners of the final award: attending an exclusive illustration workshop taught by Carmen García Huerta, one of the most internationally renowned Spanish illustrators, selected by the Taschen publishing house in its anthology The Illustrator. Best 100 From Around The World.

The workshop was held at Jorge Juan’s Cinco Jotas restaurant in Madrid, and this video shows the atmosphere of this educational and recreational meeting, the interest and talent of all the participants, and the collaborative project between Cinco Jotas and Carmen García Huerta, captured in the creation of special packaging and a silk scarf inspired by the fragility of the dehesa and its valuable biodiversity.


Account Director: Juan Villanueva

Account Executive: Marina Pereyra

Contents: Bel Rodriguez / Rodrigo García

Art: César Bertazzo / Lucía Rodríguez / Berta Lopez

Technology: Óscar Cordero / Santiago Noguera

Production Company: Visual Noise

Audiovisual Production: María Rodriguez / Andrea Rosenschein / Paula Hinojosa

Recording, editing, post-production and photography: Jose Luis Mancilla / Miguel Gonzalez