Advertiser:: Grupo Osborne
Campaign:: Carlos I
Year:: 2018

The emblematic brand of Brandy, Carlos I, from Grupo Osborne contacted us to start-up and develop their social network presence. The brand is a benchmark in markets such as Spain and Germany and in an important step, their communications were put into our hands.

In order to rejuvenate the brand without forgetting its core target, we first concerned ourselves with designing and developing the entire strategic plan of Carlos I on social networks. To do this, we worked on the redefinition of the visual vocabulary of the brand and the elaboration of a content plan which contributes to keeping Carlos I as a reference in the world of branding.

In addition, we will act as a lead agency for a German market, as we’ll also take special care to monitoring its content in order to be disseminated in that country. A strategy we’re excited and proud of!