Burgo de Arias. Sandwichea

Client: Mantequería Arias
Product: Burgo de Arias
Campaign: Digital Campaign, First half-year 2015
Audiovisual producer: Visual Noise
Year: 2015

Social Noise has taken the driver’s seat in the digital communications of Burgo de Arias, devising a new digital strategy for the company and carrying out creative campaigns to strengthen their brand positioning on social media.

To this effect, the concept of “Sandwichea” was devised, a movement aimed at offering a fresh new take on the traditional sandwich by offering a new variety of sandwiches with a bit of flare, for every moment and every individual.

We developed the microsite sandwichea.es

With this in mind, the microsite www.sandwichea.es was developed, where recipes and recipe videos produced by our audiovisual production department, Visual Noise, can be found.

In addition, Social Noise launched Sándwiches Con Nombre Propio (Sandwiches for Every Personality), an initiative that allows users to find the sandwich that best defines them or their friends on the microsite www.sandwichea.es and share it on social media. The choices are quite humorous: the Runner, the Adventurer, the Life of the Party, the Party Girl, the Metrosexual, the Fashionista, the Hipster, the Supermom, the #1 Dad, the Disappearing Act, Mr Agreeable, the Funny Guy, the Lovestruck, the Heartbreaker, etc.

Valentín´s Day

Prior to launching the Sandwichea microsite, Social Noise set #estáscomounqueso into motion for Valentine’s Day. It was simple – users could publish posts about love on Facebook and Twitter, mentioning other users and including the hashtag #estáscomounqueso.

The top 20 posts were chosen among all that were received sites and on 14 February, Valentine’s Day, the winners were sent a branded gift and a card inviting them to share their surprise on the Burgo de Arias pages.

Finalmente, se creó un álbum con los mejores mensajes de amor publicados por los usuarios en las redes sociales de Burgo de Arias y se invitó a los usuarios a compartirlos en sus perfiles sociales.

Finally, an album was created, featuring the best love notes posted by users on the Burgo de Arias social media pages and users were encouraged to share it on their own social media profiles.