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Morocco is currently a country in full economic growth with +4% PIB growth in 2017 and with 35 million inhabitants of which 61% are under the age of 35. It is also one of the countries in North Africa with the highest number of internet users (63%), followed by the most internet penetration (70%) and with increased attention to social media (82% of web surfing is dedicated to social media). All of this makes Morocco an attractive market for Spanish and European countries.

 “There is an enormous potential for business in Morocco; the impact of domestic demand generates the need for advertisers, many of them multinational, to invest in marketing and communication”, explains Miguel Pereira. “We also believe there is a very interesting gap for our models in the Moroccan market; a strategic agency with high digital capabilities, offering their clients sophistication in digital marketing, content based strategies and creative approaches.”

Our new office is situated in a centric building in Casablanca and currently has 10 people in their team. They are operating under franchise with the support of the Madrid office, and will be directed by Driss Marrakchi, founding partner of Darwin Social Noise Morocco. “Our goal is to use the Casablanca office for services throughout Morocco, but also using this office as an operational base for the francophone regions in North Africa.” States Marrakchi. “For digital services in particular, borders are less relevant and we will be able to provide coverage to advertisers who wish to cover other African markets with our team in Casablanca”. 

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