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What is social crm and why does your company need it?

On the morning of the 8th of March, Omar Rois, one of Xeerpa’s founders began his speech by naming a very important person in his life: his great-grandmother. As defined by her great-grandson, she in an “Expert in CRM” and managed a small store in Galicia where she knew everyone who shopped there. “She knew each client’s name, what products they used to buy and even how much they could afford to buy. If one of these clients stopped going to the store, she would immediately realize and try to bring them back!”. In conclusion, Omar’s great-grandmother managed to give all of her clients personalized services.

Any large company nowadays aspires to be able to achieve the same, albeit on a much larger scale. But, how does a company as large as Netflix with 120 million clients worldwide manage to personalize the experience of each and every one of their clients?

During the #Keynote session at Darwin Social Noise, the attendees could see examples of how brands take advantage of data from Social Media to improve and personalize their relationship with their clients.

Social CRM

Big football clubs with a huge number of Social Media fans, consumer companies like Heineken or public organizations like Turespaña are already taking advantage of the information obtained by implementing social login through their different platforms. Rois told us how in Turespaña they use Social CRM through Wi-Fi at worldwide airports to know the traveler and to create segmented campaigns. “These companies know the profile of the clients they are addressing and use a different communication strategy for each case” states Omar Rois. “Even the media is making significant investments in CRM technology to truly understand the user who is behind the traditional numbers”.

What does a company need to do Social CRM?

 Capturing data, analytical intelligence and the capacity of execution are the parameters we have to have mastered in a company in order to be capable of reaching someone with a relevant and personalized impact. Rois explained how “many companies have data but not that many are capable of analyzing this information. In numerous cases, we can see how some large companies haven’t yet mastered the execution layer”. 

Once these technical aspects are overcome, brands will be able to obtain a 360º vision of the client merging their CRM with their Social CRM, achieving a marketing strategy based on personalization. “The challenge nowadays in Marketing is for the conversation with the client to be coherent between the different channels. The Social CRM has to merge with the CRM to have a 360º vision of the client”.

The session finished with a tour of the Xeerpa tools and surrounded by the wonderful nineteenth century architecture building where Darwin Social Noise has its offices. Omar Rois that morning achieved his goals: to show the attendees the “sexy” side of the acronym CRM.

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