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Since 1978, Scopen has published the Agency Scope study, a biannual research survey that analyzes trends in the advertising industry, how agencies are perceived and the relationships between advertisers and agencies.

The results presented in the 22nd edition of Agency Scope 2020-2021 refer to two main areas: media agencies and creative agencies. A total of 1,373 interviews were carried out with a wide variety of agency and brand profiles.

Among the findings of the study, it has been shown that more than 90% of clients say they are satisfied with their agencies, a higher percentage than two years ago and above average for the markets in which the Agency Scope survey is carried out.

In that analysis of customer satisfaction levels, our agency has been ranked as the third best agency in Spain with more satisfied customers.

According to customer evaluations we have been ranked in first place among all the agencies in Spain in seven criteria:


  • Good team of Professionals,
  • Efficiency in Problem Solving
  • Good Account Management
  • Handling of Audiovisual, Print, and Digital Production.
  • Good Work Methodology
  • Proactivity.

And in addition, Darwin Social Noise has emerged as the third most valued digital agency by the market in Spain


We wouldn’t be who we are without all the people who make up our agency, our team and our clients.

In this video you can see the results in more detail.

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