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Cool Tabs. Effective design of data capture campaigns

Javier Gil

Last October– Alfredo Solano (CEO) and Javier Gil (Biz Dev) – we had the pleasure to attend the breakfasts organized by DSN at their office on San Mateo street. At Cool Tabs we adore these types of activities, where we can share our view of what’s happening in the industry with agency professionals.

Cool Tabs is a Social Media Marketing platform strongly focused on data capture via interactive content campaigns. We also provide Social Listening and Brand Monitoring tools, as well as tools to increase engagement on social networks.

As providers of data capture technology we need to know first hand what companies need and, depending on their objectives, we have to be able to provide the tools and the most suitable processes in order to meet those objectives. For this reason, our conversation was focused on covering the entire design process of a data capture campaign, from its conceptualization based on objectives, through to its execution and the final process of downloading the data and analyzing the results.

Social campaign example



During the first minutes of the conversation, we could see various examples of social campaigns from various companies. This type of data collection campaign is very much oriented towards its implementation in social channels, where the gamification (through fun dymanics linked to data transfer) becomes very important along with the social login, which massively facilitates the identification of users in this type of campaign. We were able to review and analyze, step by step, a real campaign from Citröen, carried out with Cool Tabs, that achieved some really good results, both in terms of participation and conversion.

Conversion data of a Campaign. One of the most importants KPIs.


The heart of the conversation came later, with the design process of a campaign. Within Cool Tabs for years we have been defending the importance of the design process of a campaign, as an essential element to their success. Starting from the concrete objectives of a campaign, we review various key points, such as the dynamics that can be implemented, the conversion (the most important KPI in the design process of a data feed campaign) that is expected to come from the campaign, the traffic sources to work on, the download of the data obtained and, finally, the measurement of the results.

Through various examples, and looking at different functionalities that we can use to achieve concrete objectives, we shared with our DSN colleagues a great variety of different scenarios that we tend to find on a daily basis with companies of different verticals: retail, banking, automotive, technology, sport… We could see that in the data capture processes, every client, vertical or sector could outline concrete campaign needs and that the same formula isn’t always valid, even for, a priori, an identical objective. Fortunately, technology has given us the necessary tools to adapt our processes to the needs of our clients and to be able to offer dynamics and customized solutions quickly and efficiently in order to meet specific objectives. So we could see different examples of how by using Cool Tabs we can take advantage of  integration with web services and APIs to multiply the effectiveness and reach of the campaigns that we design.

To conclude and, between questions, we ended up with the idea that the important thing is to be able to adapt our processes to specific scenarios, listening to our audience and taking advantage of the infinite possibilities that technology has provided us with. The result for us was a fascinating and rewarding meeting that we hope to be able to repeat very shortly.

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